Are You Taking Professional-Quality SOAP Notes in YOur Massage Practice?

If you’re a Massage Therapist it’s important for you to know how to take high-quality SOAP notes.

Why is it important?

Because taking high-quality SOAP Notes the way true professionals ought to reflects heavily upon your professionalism and ensures you are keeping legally-acceptable documentation.

The chances are, you have not been taught how to gather the right evidence-based information and properly use it to accurately keep proper SOAP note documentation.

To alleviate this problem I custom-designed a book, which is basically a "course," specifically for Massage Therapists that teaches you how to confidently take SOAP notes that are aligned with ones that Chiropractors and Osteopaths use.

Now you can stop worrying and rest assured you are doing it right because this SOAP notes book is doctor-approved and legally sound.

If you ever work with Personal Injury, Workman's Comp, or any form of insurance billing, you must have quality SOAP notes because they will be requested! Even if you never plan to deal with such insurance or legal-related work, it's still in your clients' best interest for you to properly measure and monitor their progress by keeping sound documentation. 

The essential system this book teaches you is presented to you in an easy-to-follow, practical manner that you can start applying in your practice right away.

Your clients, colleagues and other health professionals will view you with heightened professionalism and credibility once you start applying these professional-grade documentation skills in your massage practice!

Here's the link to purchase this book ON SALE NOW!

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