Here's What's True About Your Practice Success!

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Having nearly failed in both my massage and chiropractic practices, I found practice consultants who showed me powerful ways to turn things around to create huge practice success without advertising.

Sources say 95% of Massage Therapists struggle in their practices or fail altogether. Why does this happen?

One reason is they believe that if their hands-on skills are good enough, clients will will naturally refer others and come back for more visits.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens.

It isn’t that most MT’s lack good hands-on skills. The problem is they never learned how to generate quality referrals and greater client retention by using client management procures specifically designed to do this.

So they lose out on many new clients and client visits. They also fail to manage their clients’ care as well as they could be.

Don't let this happen to you!

It's ten times easier to get repeat client visits when you know how to recommend evidence based  Programs of Care with multiple appointments, where you properly assess, measure, and monitor your clients' progress.

Your practice prosperity comes down to two things⎯the number of new clients you get and the number of client visits you provide.

If you stay stuck in focussing only on your hands-on skills⎯while neglecting to learn these valuable referral and retention skills⎯the chances are slim that your practice will magically change and become as successful as it can, no matter how much business savvy you have or how good your hands-on skills are.

Don't misunderstand: your hands-on skills are the heart and essence of your practice and they must be high quality. But they do not automatically generate quality referrals or more client visits. That comes from knowing proper client care skills designed to do exactly this.

To learn how you can apply well proven procedures and communications that double or even triple your practice, while providing the highest quality care, go to

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