My Story of Struggle, Failure and Finally Success

Whether you decide to take any of my courses or not, here's a personal story I feel you ought to know in case you're skeptical of implementing new things into your practice.

First let me say that it's important for you to know you can TRUST everything that in my courses are genuine, practical and proven.

Every course you learn should be this way.

Here's why:

They are backed by health care sciences and procedures aligned with ones doctors use, derived from years of clinical experience in massage and chiropractic that's proven to work effectively in many practices, and custom refined and presented in a well organized, simple and easy to learn style so you can readily apply the procedures in practical ways.

I've invested well over $250,000 and thirty years into my education—undergraduate degree, Boulder School of Massage year long program, owning and practicing massage at the Denver Massage Center, graduating Palmer-West Chiropractic College, member of a distinguished practice management group, plus 30 years of annual CE classes and seminars.

You can be sure there were many trials and errors and hard lessons learned along the way to ultimately creating practice successes.

Why is this important for you? Because it saves you having to spend thousands of dollars and countless years trying to figure all of this out because it's already been done for you! It's not so much a question of can you afford this course.

The real question to ask yourself is can you afford not having the advanced educational knowledge and success strategies a great course can provide  for you?

I first failed in my massage practice. Like so many other Massage Therapists I knew, I was barely earning a living.

What seemed so unfair about this was that our hands on skills were really good and clients praised our work, but they weren't referring others to us the way we expected.

And clients weren't scheduling sessions as much as we thought they should.

Here's what we discovered had gone wrong:

We had believed that quality hands on skills and good client relations were all that's needed to have a successful practice.

After all, clients told us they loved our work, so wasn't it logical to assume they would naturally refer others to us and reschedule more sessions?

We learned this wasn't true.

Can you relate to this?

Some of us even tried advertising but that didn't ultimately help because it just gave us temporary boosts and was an added expense and hassle.

So what was the big lesson we learned from this?

It's that although your hands on massage skills are at the heart of what you do, they do not assure your practice will be successful.

If this wasn't true we would have been very successful and so would many other Massage Therapists we knew whose practices were also troubled. 

Can you identify with this?

Knowing something else was needed I came up with the bright idea of taking a big gamble and borrowing a LOT of money and opening a massage center, believing that would automatically attract clients and deliver the success we yearned for.

Unfortunately, that plan didn't go over too well.

Things actually sunk so low for me that I stayed hungry and slept at night in one of the massage rooms on my massage table because I couldn't afford rent elsewhere.

I was petrified of being embarrassed if someone found out.

As fate had it, something completely unexpected happened.

Everything started to suddenly change after I stumbled upon something that at first felt like it might be practice suicide.

What happened was I referred a couple of clients I was seeing at the time who were not fully responding to my treatments to a nearby chiropractic clinic where the DC's had previously explained to us how their treatments work integratively with massage, and it was obvious these clients needed spinal adjustments to free their severely stuck vertebrae.

You might question why I would chance referring them out and never seeing them again when I was already so desperate?

Here's why: I figured that even if these clients never came back to me for massage, and the clinic went bust, I could at least feel good knowing that referring them for evaluation was in their best interest and it was the right thing to do.

Maybe this would be the final straw that left me flat broke. 

But at least I could walk away feeling good with my integrity intact for having done the right thing by referring these clients for the complementary care they needed.

Then two things suddenly turned my massage practice and life around with levels of success never imagined:

What happened was the DC's I'd referred these clients to not only reaffirmed to them that they should return for further massage, the doctors also started referring their own patients to us.

They did this because they trusted we knew how to provide proper integrative care for these patients.

As word of our trusted professionalism quickly spread, clients also came to view us with greater confidence and respect. Which led to them naturally trust our recommendations and schedule multiple appointments. And they trusted referring others to us more than ever!

Mutual referrals with DC's and increased client retention and referrals created practice success beyond anything we'd ever expected!

We generated $100,000 incomes based on todays' economy at a time when massage was not well known and much less accepted.

Several years later myself and some others learned even more powerful ways to get clients to automatically refer others and schedule multiple appointments which are so effective I shared them in the audio-video book kit titled How to Dramatically Increase Clients Referrals and Retention.

All of these real life successful experiences inspired me to organize the key strategies, procedures, and communications to create several courses so Massage Therapists like yourself can now know how to practice in such a professionally successful way! 

Can I say with certainty you will have the same successes others of us have?

No. It would be unrealistic to claim that you or any other Massage Therapist will have the same results or successes as others have had just by taking a course, because we're all aware that motivations vary and styles vary.

While no one can "make someone else successful", what you can be sure of is my courses will give you exactly what you need to know how to make it happen. 

But yours' or anyone else's practice success depends on how committed you are to your purpose in helping others and how determined you are to practice implementing these proven procedures so they will bring you successful results.

 Click here so you can start learning these procedures right now.

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