New Year's Resolution

It’s that time of year to talk about our New Year’s resolutions.

Year endings provide a great opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come... and where you currently reside in your struggles and successes…

and how you would like to improve and boost areas of your life, especially your practice.

One of my resolves is to help dedicated Massage Therapists become more masterful in your client management skills and achieve the practice success you desire.

Some of us have created very successful practices using highly effective procedures we  learned from top consultants and combined them with our own trial and error refinement processes to arrive at what works BEST.

Wishing someone had shown me all of this in a course I could have taken, instead of having to piece it all together thru a lot of tedium over the years, I took on the mission of creating such a course (actually two) for YOU⎯ by capturing these procedures that have proven successful in over 3,000 practices⎯

–success leaves clues–  

"Most people are curious to know about everything, except what's most important to their success."
 ~Oscar Wilde

then updating and custom refining them!

This way you too can know how to:

  • Have doctors refer patients to you.

  • Get your own clients to readily refer others to you.

  • Greatly boost your client retention by knowing how to create and recommend evidence based programs of care with multiple appointment scheduling.

  • Integratively manage clients’ care.

Once you learn how to do these client care essentials your confidence and success will soar!

So if you are struggling in your practice or if you want to significantly boost your success, you too can learn how to rapidly and lastingly change things by applying these same well-proven methods found in these two courses.

One thing is for sure: the longer you practice without knowing how to apply these practical procedures, the more costly it becomes for you in terms of what you’re missing out on.

I know this to be true because we are all in this together⎯a family of manual therapy practitioners seeking the best ways to help our clients and enjoy the type of practice success we all desire and deserve!

What matters most is you are satisfied and happy with the way you practice and your level of success.

Resolve to never settle for less than being the BEST you can be.

All you need is a strong passionate commitment and the right procedures … THEN you can turn your New Year into the New You!

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