Why Having An Integrative Care Practice Enhances Your Credibility and Success


Massage Therapists have different approaches to practicing.

There are those whose strong purpose and ambition have them eager to strengthen their educational skills in ways that work complementary with other health practitioners. These Massage Therapists enjoy having a certain practice independence and they also choose to not remain alienated. 

Their motto is, “Connect not reject.”

They learn how to provide complementary, aka integrative care, which means their massage work  is integrated with care their clients receive from other practitioners. 

Practicing in an integrative fashion serves clients best. It also enhances your practice competency and success in several ways which I will expand on more in a separate blog.

Although some therapists shy away from connecting with others and don’t like working in an integrative care manner, I actually enjoy practicing this way. It allows me to better access other practitioners when needed. 

When you know how to practice integratively, you have several advantages:

  • It serves you and your clients better. 

  • When clients receive care from others, such as DC’s and DO’s, you have a greater understanding of how their care integrates with yours.

  • It allows you to readily call on practitioners you know are reliable when the need arises.

Understanding the integrative nature of clients’ care enhances your professionalism and credibility.

Clients’ and doctors’ trust in your client care skills increases dramatically. Which increases client compliance and doctor referrals. 

I know several MT’s who developed tremendously successful practices through enhanced referrals from DC’s.

So why miss out on the rewards that having an integrative care practice can give you?

However you like to practice, what’s most important is providing your clients with the best care possible while having joyful satisfaction in the way you practice. 

One thing is for certain⎯learning how to work integratively with doctors can greatly enhance your professional skills, credibility, and practice success. What a great way to complement your practice!


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