Working Integratively with DC’s Enhances Your Success!

Thousands of Massage Therapists already practice in a complementary manner with chiropractic principles and practitioners. 

More and more continue to practice massage in chiropractic clinics, and others in private practices interact with DC’s. 

But many others have not developed such an integrated type if practice yet desire to enjoy the benefits it provides.

It's in yours and your clients’ best interest for you to learn the complementary nature of the two professions, for several reasons.

Everyone benefits when you have a deep and clear understanding of foundational chiropractic principles, especially how spinal related conditions affect the nervous system and soft tissue, and vice versa, which includes essential aspects of neuro and pain science.

Once you have this knowledge you feel empowered to interact with DC’s and co-treat clients and patients.

You confidently treat them in a competently integrated fashion.

Connecting and interacting with DC’s allows you to seek helpful advice from them when needed.

You may find yourself needing to send clients to Chiropractors to evaluate suspicious symptoms or ones not fully responding to massage.

You may have clients who receive both forms of care, chiropractic and massage, and it adds greater insight and professional credibility when you can effectively converse about the integrated nature of their treatment.

In short, it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to understand the nature of chiropractic care, how it works, and what it provides, so you will be better educated and have greater understanding about clients’ situations who receive care from both professions.

Creating professional relations with DC’s can add tremendous success to your practice through mutual referrals.

It’s important to have connections with DC’s you feel comfortable with and who you  trust to consult with and refer clients to should the need arise. Always connect with ones who respect you and massage.

Although the massage and chiropractic professions are quite complementary and being practiced with increased collaboration, uncertainties and misunderstandings still exist. Confusion looms among many Massage Therapists about how to professionally communicate or network with doctors. Many are uncertain about how chiropractic works, what Chiropractors do, and how it relates to the massage work they provide. 

This unfortunately keeps these MT’s isolated and prevents them from enjoying the rewards a commentary practice offers.

They wish they could reap the rewards that having professional connections with DC’s offers, but they are hesitant to work in a chiropractic clinic or connect with DC’s because they lack an understanding of how massage fits in with chiropractic principles and procedures, how to co-manage referred patients’ care, and aren’t sure exactly how to connect with DC’s seeking referrals.

Because they are missing out on this knowledge, they feel uncertain, intimidated and stay alienated.

The truth is, there are thousands of Massage Therapists who already practice with DC’s, but were never properly educated or trained to fully understand how chiropractic and massage work in a complementary manner.  They experience areas in their professional interactions that could use help becoming more harmonious. 

Because it’s so advantageous for you to practice integratively with chiropractic principles and practitioners, regardless what type of massage practice you enjoy, I custom developed a course that teaches you everything you need to know to successfully practice this way!

It provides you with knowledge and skills you can start using immediately to practice in a confident partnership with DC’s while honoring the uniquely important roles that each profession plays in helping clients and patients.

Choosing to practice in ways that are connected and aligned like this provides you with greater credibility, respect, and referrals!

Go to and change your practice destiny now!

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