About Masters in Massage

All courses are custom developed by Massage Therapists and a Doctor of Chiropractic with years of clinical experience and teaching experience which ensures you confidently apply the very best mainstream-accepted standards and procedures, all custom-designed for your massage practice!

We relate to struggles and frustrations you experience in your massage practice because we experienced them too before discovering and refining ways to create hugely successful practices.

Now we're sharing these procedures with you so you too can succeed the way so many others are!

These custom-crafted client care skills and communications are not taught in massage schools or elsewhere.

You can fully trust they are "doctor approved" and made easy to apply in your massage practice.

You're safe investing in our courses because they offer you well-tested, highly refined methods that are not a passing trend or "universal psychology" you can access most anywhere. You're sure to continue using these skills throughout your massage career.

All procedures accommodate whatever hands-on techniques you use and you can readily modify them to accommodate your practice style and personality.

About Michael Koplen, LMT, DC

Hi, I'm Michael Koplen, fellow Massage Therapist and Doctor of Chiropractic (That's my two kids, Zak and Lexi).

I'm here to share with you client management and practice success methods that are highly refined from years of trial and error, which empowered myself and some others to create quite lucrative and well-respected practices, so you too can enjoy greater professional credibility, confidence, and financial prosperity.

I know first hand the struggles and challenges you face as a Massage Therapist because I've experienced them too, both in my full-time massage career and later in my chiropractic practice, before spending a lot of time, money, and effort learning effective ways to turn things around.

Now you can readily access and easily learn them, so you can stop struggling and finally enjoy the respect, confidence, and practice success you deserve!


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About Alyson Laurel, LMT, BS, Contributor

Hi, I'm Alyson and I'm happy to meet you!

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in psychology and biology, I considered becoming a PT but decided to help people by becoming a Massage Therapist.

That was nearly 30 years ago and I've never looked back! 

Admittedly, I struggled in practice in ways that you might too. Like not feeling the professional respect and credibility we deserve, considering how many people we help feel better.

I suffered from not having the type of client care and client management skills that you probably yearn for too, but aren't taught in massage schools or elsewhere for that matter.

And I struggled with not having better client retention and practice success. 

I learned a lot over time by interacting with Chiropractors and shared mutual referrals with some.

But I wanted to learn more about what they knew, because after all, they are the pioneers and masters of using client (patient) care procedures for properly assessing patients by using real evidence-based methods, examining and qualifying patients' situations, and creating genuine multiple appointment recommendations that aren't cookie cutter packages, but instead are made specific to each patient's needs.

Plus, many DC's know how to generate quality referrals without needing to hassle with promotions and advertising.

Honestly, the Chiropractic profession is decades ahead of what some in the massage profession are just now starting to open up to.

I later met Michael Koplen, who's a long time Massage Therapist and DC, through other Massage Therapists here in town who spoke so highly of their fine professional relationship with him.

I learned that he had one of the most successful massage practices in the nation, after that, created one of the most successful chiropractic practices too (he even received a national chiropractor of the year award).

When I asked him how he did this, he humbly credits his huge successes to client management procedures he was taught by top practice management consultants and other highly successful practitioners and refined them over the years.

He knew the client care knowledge and practice success procedures and communications I'd been looking for. And answers to so many questions I had about how to professionally manage important aspects of my clients' care.

He explained everything to me, from how to perform proper client assessments, what to look for, how to measure findings, how to use real evidence-based procedures like DC's and other mainstream standards uphold, how to confidently schedule multiple appointment programs of care, and a three-step method for motivating my clients to refer others to me.

He shared with me so many golden communication scripts to tell clients that empowered me to speak and make recommendations to them with complete confidence, whereas before, I'd been shy and afraid to do this!

Michael asked me to help edit the courses and add insights to ensure they are as user-friendly as possible to understand and apply.

I can honestly tell you that if you want to manage your clients' care the way true professionals do and have a far more successful practice⎯⎯you don't want to miss out on letting these courses teach you how to do it!