How to Create a Successful Massage Practice

How to Create a Successful Practice

Approximately thirty percent of Massage Practitioners drop out of the profession each year. That’s an unfortunate loss for those practitioners and for clients who could have benefitted from their care. 

A major problem many Massage Therapists discover is their hands-on skills alone don’t necessarily increase their practice success. They had erroneously believed that if they acquired enough technique credentials and expertise, clients would be impressed with their work, automatically refer others to them, and their practices would be successful.

Let me explain. I’m the first to agree that it’s essential for Massage Therapists to master and provide high quality hands-on treatments. 

But reality shows that for most Massage Therapists this is not the ultimate answer to achieving the level of credibility and success they wish they had.

If mastering hands-on skills alone was the solution, Massage Therapists who become accomplished in a worthy technique would all have well respected, successful practices. But the reality is that too many of them don’t. As important as technique mastery is, it alone rarely creates the type of professional recognition and success most Massage Therapists yearn for.

Let’s be crystal clear about what’s being said here: There are many technique courses and instructors available, and many of them are excellent. You are encouraged to continue learning new hands-on skills and refining ones you already use. Yet as important as your hands-on technique skills are, if you’re like most Massage Therapists, they haven’t proven to be the answer for achieving the educational credibility, professional validation, and overall success you desire. 

If this is not true for you, and you are completely satisfied with your massage situation and success, then disregard what I’m saying and excuse yourself from reading any further.

But if you can relate, please read on. 

There is hope and help.

Another important growing area is using research literature to help validate benefits that massage offers. But you cannot depend on the research to give your practice full professional credence and respect. You have to earn that client by client. 

One can only question, “If the research has already proven massage helps reduce pain, tension, anxiety and depression in many cases – and these are plenty enough reasons why people should receive massage – why hasn’t this created successful practices for those in the profession?”

Here’s why: There’s another component that’s necessary for increasing practice competence, credibility and success, which is seriously lacking in the massage profession. What is that third component? Besides mastering your hands-on technique skills, or relying on research validation, you also need to know how to effectively manage important areas of your clients’s care!

Managing your clients’ care means knowing how to professionally guide clients through important stages in their course of care with you. These include knowing how to properly inquire about a client’s health history, perform professional consultations, examinations, knowing how to assess clients’ conditions, develop treatment plans, measure and monitor their progress, and much more.

And here’s more: Successfully managing your clients’ care includes knowing how to generate referrals and put them on programs of care, which exponentially increases your client referrals and retention––and that is ultimately what keeps a practice surviving and successful!

So if you are missing out on the satisfaction and success you yearn for, it’s not that the solution is out of reach, it’s just that you may need to look at learning how to better manage your clients’ care. 

If you seek to enhance credibility and respect, consider improving your client management skills. Mastering this aspect of your practice is sure to have you reaching new levels of practice competency and confidence, not to mention increasing your referrals and retention, which are all essential ingredients for creating greater success. 

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn how to manage all aspects of your clients care, visit practice success ultimately depends on how dedicated you are to your purpose of wanting to help heal people and how earnestly you implement professional skills and procedures. Information without implementation is basically useless. 

If you sincerely study and implement the procedures this Course offers you, you’ll develop an evidence based practice with competency in knowing how to professionally manage the important aspects of your clients’ care. As a result, you will succeed in your practice having greater professional credibility and respect. Above all, and most important, such “success” on your part reflects that the overall care your clients receive from you is the best it can be! The key to making all this happen is to passionately and persistently apply the information this Course offers you along with your talented hands-on skills. Any less effort on your part simply cannot produce the best results.