Copy of Massage Certification Courses ⎯ Home Study and Live

     Stop Struggling and Enjoy Lasting Practice Success Using Advanced Client Care Skills Found in the Finest Courses in Massage.

Created by two Massage Therapists and a Doctor of Chiropractic with quite successful practices and teaching expertise, you are assured all information and procedures you learn with us are doctor approved, aligned with well accepted mainstream standards, and practical to apply in your massage practice. 

You feel confident knowing:

  • How to generate ongoing quality referrals using well proven procedures that do not involve advertising.
  • How to increase your client visits by applying evidence based assessments to make multiple appointment recommendations specific to each client.
  • Confidently manage essential aspects of your clients' care.






Confidently guide your clients' care by providing important consultation, examination, and treatment procedures we teach you so you'll be sure to assess, measure and monitor their progress like a true professional.Communicate to clients with professional certainty when you use the well crafted communication phrases and precise language we teach you, which accompany all client care procedures.

Clients naturally relate to what you're saying and are apt to gladly agree with your genuine, non-pressure recommendations.

All procedures are well organized, easy to apply, and accommodate whatever hands-on techniques you already use.

With over 3,000 practitioners greatly expanding their professionalism and practice success using these advanced "graduate level" skills that are not taught in massage schools or elsewhere, you're safe investing in our classes because you can trust the ongoing financial returns you receive. (Source: Landis-Ward Consulting, LLC) 

When you earnestly apply the procedures we teach you, you too can double or triple your practice while confidently managing your clients' care just like so many others are now doing. (see Testimonials).

Rest assured you will use these time tested skills for the rest of your massage career because they are not some passing trend.

The truth is, you won't figure all this out on your own or find it anywhere else.

And you will most likely continue to struggle and feel frustrated with not having as busy a practice or the professional credibility you yearn for. Or worse, fail in practice, which happens to over 90% of Massage Therapists⎯⎯unless you do something to change your situation! (Source: Massage Magazine)

So why not let you and your clients benefit from these advanced procedures that empower you with enhanced client care skills and practice success!

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