How Masters In Massage Courses Came About

I first failed in my massage practice.

Like so many other Massage Therapists I was barely earning a living. 

Clients genuinely told us they loved our finely-skilled massage sessions but we struggled with not having enough referrals and and our repeat visits (client retention) were low.

Our hands-on skills were really good and clients loved our work, so how come they didn't come back to see us as often as we thought they should and why didn't they naturally refer others us?

We knew we weren't alone with our struggles because the sad reality is that over 95% of Massage Therapists fail to survive or thrive in practice.

We sought answers to our difficulties and discovered the biggest reason so many MT's fail to have the type of success and respect they wish they had is they mistakenly believe that if their hands-on skills are really good, clients will naturally return for the care they need and refer others.

It seems logical to assume that if clients love your work, they will naturally refer others to you and reschedule more sessions.

But we learned this isn't true.

Some of us tried advertising but that didn't ultimately help our struggles because it just gave us temporary boosts, burdened us with added expense and hassle, and often brought in shady characters.

What big lesson did we learn from this? Although your hands-on massage skills are at the heart of what you do, they do not assure your practice will be successful!

Knowing something else was needed besides learning more hands-on techniques, I borrowed a lot of money to open a massage center, believing that would automatically attract clients and deliver the success I sought.

Unfortunately, that plan didn't go over too well.

Things actually sunk so low for me I stayed hungry and slept at night on a massage room floor because I couldn't afford rent elsewhere.

But looking back, being so broke and suffering in practice turned out to be a painful gift because it led me to seek elsewhere for procedures that aren't taught in massage schools.

Once I started applying these procedures my practice SUCCESS SOARED . . . I was practicing massage three days a week and earning three times the money needed to live on!

Years later I wanted to enhance my client assessment and practice success strategies to a whole other level by learning Chiropractic.

Just like I had needed to step outside massage to learn client management skills, I also stepped outside what's taught in Chiropractic colleges to learn from a world-class practice management group for several years.

Applying all these skillsets empowered me to create one of the most successful practices in the nation and be awarded a "Chiropractor of the Year" recipient.

I'm not telling you this to impress you, but only to impress upon you how you too can greatly empower your practice success when you apply the right procedures!

These learning experiences inspired me to organize these key strategies, procedures, and communications into custom-crafted books and courses to share with you so you can quickly prosper from them.

While no one can "make you successful," you can be sure that these courses give you exactly what you need to make it happen just like so many others have discovered.