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Retain clients for repeat visits and get quality referrals without needing to promote your practice.

This course shows you how to easily do it by confidently managing all areas of your clients' care. 

You learn reliable procedures and communications custom-designed by leading Massage Therapists and a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Watch this home study course at your own pace and convenience without involving complicated online learning systems or needing to travel. 

FOUR CORE FEATURES underpin our highly effective client management system:

EVIDENCE-BASED: This complete client management system applies well-accepted protocols and procedures you can trust to work well as they have for over three thousand practitioners. 

•COMMUNCATIONS: The most crucial touchpoint you have with your clients is your communication with them. We teach you how to use highly effective scripts, phrases, and explanations to guide your clients' care with certainty.

PROFESIONALISM: While this course provides you with so many practice and life-changing benefits, your newfound professionalism, credibility and confidence are ones attendees like most.

REVENUE-DRIVEN: Clients naturally pay more, rebook, and make quality referrals, so you never need to advertise or promote. 

Let's be honest: we're not pretending to guarantee you will have a "100K a year practice" or all of your problems will be forever fixed.

But if you're feeling stressed or struggling in your massage practice, we can assure you this COMPLETE client management system empowers you with the skillsets that almost automatically give you a far more satisfying, well-respected, and successful practice. 

This is not some passing trend. You will continue to apply the procedures and communications this course teaches you for the rest of your massage career.

This course accommodates whatever hands-on techniques you currently use.

Disclaimer: This advanced client management course isn't for everyone. If you only want to apply your hands-on massage techniques and not manage other areas of your clients’ care, this course probably isn’t for you. 

The right fit for this program is the massage therapist who is seriously committed to expanding their educational mindset by learning how to confidently apply essential client management skills that provide their clients with the very best overall care.

This course comes complete with everything you need. There are no additional fees, modules, or online learning systems.


1. How to easily manage all areas of your clients' care with total confidence.

2. How to make your practice evidence-based so you practice with bullet-proof assurance.

3. How to get quality new client referrals without advertising.

4. How to evaluate important health history information and assess client complaints.

5. How to perform professional-grade examinations to obtain findings that support your treatments.

6. This course shows you how to easily apply your current hands-on technique approaches to treat any condition.

7. How to have clients gladly sign up for repeat visits.

8. The easy way to keep 100% legally compliant SOAP notes.

9. How to monitor clients' progress and recommend further care.

10. Easy recalls that guarantee to increase client visits.

11. Ample communications found in this course empower you to comfortably and confidently explain everything to clients each step of the way!


  • 28 CE Hours
  • 8 DISC DVD case: 7 hours of POWER-PACKED video presentations take you step-by-step through all procedures and communication scripts in a clear and easy-to-follow manner.
  • 5 Supportive E-books: Supplement, expand upon, and quickly reference course procedures and communications seen in the videos using your high-quality e-books.
  • CLIENT CARE FORMS: 17 Custom forms to accompany key processes so you can apply your course learnings right away. Brand these to your business, and you're ready to go! 

Your complete DVD course packet will be shipped free ASAP.
Plus, you get immediate online access to the course videos so you can jump in right away!

What students have to say:

"I admit I didn't learn everything in Michael's course but just using the method he taught for getting quality referrals has changed my entire practice.
I used to feel frustrated not knowing how to promote and now I just do what the course taught me and I easily get wonderful new clients and have a full practice like never before."
~Jason F, LMT

"I've taken two other of Michael's classes which were great, which led me to take this master class. This client management system has empowered me to feel completely confident in guiding my clients' care every step of the way and getting the professional respect I've always wanted. Since using the procedures this course teaches you, I've naturally had so many new client referrals I'm seriously booked out about two months ahead. Thanks Dr. Michael!"
~Alyson Laurel, LMT

"Thank you Michael Koplen for creating this course that has helped me to be able to verbalize things in such a way that I am now more confident/able to speak on the experience I have acquired. This course also helped me understand a better way to help clients understand the basis of my recommendations based on the phase of care they are in.
Without a doubt this course is worth every penny!"
~Jorge Cruz Saenz

"I especially liked learning better ways to take a professional health history inquiry in addition to the many other valuable skills."
~Susan P, LMT

“Keep up the stuff about reminding us not to get frazzled over detail but follow protocol and think like a doctor. It was great at putting things together. It was well worth the cost … exactly what I needed.”
~Steven B. 

“Very beneficial, I enjoyed learning how all this fits together so nicely. I would recommend it, it’s valuable in aiding us in organizing thoughts and procedures in an orderly fashion.”
~Eric M.

Who is the lead course developer?

Michael Koplen LMT, Doctor of Chiropractic, educator, and author created Masters In Massage Institute to provide Massage Therapists with the most advanced client management skills found in the profession.

Over 30 years of clinical experience in massage and chiropractic plus extensive teaching background provides a unique perspective to teach well-proven client management skills to quickly boost your professional confidence, credibility, and practice success. 

Michael is a graduate of Emory University, studied post-graduate sciences at CU Boulder, completed the Boulder School of Massage Therapy's 18-month program, then opened and owned the highly successful Denver Massage Center. He went on to become a Palmer West Chiropractic College honors graduate, acclaimed clinical practitioner, and teacher for a prestigious Practice Management group where he received a National Practitioner of the Year award.

He has successfully taught practice-boosting client management skills to over 3,000 practitioners. 

How will this better my massage practice?

We’re here to address 3 main ways to grow your massage therapy practice:

● RETENTION: You learn how to confidently recommend multiple appointment programs of care to clients (rebooking) so they are sure to get the care they need, monitor their progress, and have them on periodic maintenance care. Sooner than you can imagine, you have a full practice!

● REFERRALS: You learn how to apply a highly effective, no-pressure way to get quality referrals without needing to hassle with advertising or promoting your practice.

● REACTIVATION: You learn how to comfortably and effectively reach clients who have drifted from care and bring them back into active care with you.

Implementing the Three R's almost GUARANTEES you have a very successful practice!

How will this course make me a better practitioner?

You gain confidence, clarity, and communication skills to readily grow your practice and increase your professional credibility.

How much time will it take to complete the course?

The videos contain about 8 hours of content, which is paired with 5 e-books you can use for reference. You can start applying the course material immediately to impact your massage therapy practice.

Some students watch the course presentations in 1 to 2 days while others watch over several weeks. Keep in mind, these are power-packed videos with years of knowledge and skillsets condensed into one complete client management system. You are not expected to learn everything, certainly not all at once. You are encouraged to implement the procedures at your own pace. These are time-tested skills and not a passing trend, so you can keep refining them throughout your massage career.