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Custom-designed by a Chiropractor and Massage Therapist for you to readily learn at your own pace, here's what comes with this course:

√ Comprehensive Course Manual

Your professionally designed manual teaches you step-by-step procedures for co-managing clients and patients who are also treated by a DC.

√ Complete Video Presentations

8 hours of visually rich videos guide you through all important information found in your manual.

√ Two e-books, How to Connect With Doctors and Get Referrals, and How to Professionally Refer Clients. 

√ Over 20 Forms and Letters

√ Your Prestigious Masters In Massage Diploma Impresses Clients and Patients.

√ 21 Hour NCBTMB Approved CE's upon test completion.

 She learned so much from this course and enjoys working with DC's!

Some of the procedures you learn:

  • Chiropractic principles and how they relate to your work.
  • How DC's assess and treat patients
  • How to easily apply clinical reasoning skills to form assessments.
  • How to connect with doctors so they refer patients to you.
  • How Spinal-Neural-Soft Tissue relationships affect one another.
  • How to perform professional-grade Consultations on referred patients.
  • How to perform health history inquiries on referred patients.
    • How to perform standard-accepted examinations on referred patients. 
    • How to safely and effectively treat sprain-strain and whiplash injuries.
      • When to use hot and cold applications:
        • How to co-manage clients' care using the Three Phases of Care guidelines.
        • How to provide massage that integrates with Chiropractic care
        • How to easily use legally compliant SOAP Notes.
        • Communication scripts for guiding patient's care every step of the way.

        Frequently Asked Questions about this Course:

        Q: This Course sounds like it has great information, but I'm not sure I care to know how to work integratively with others or how to manage clients' care this way.

        A: Massage professionals who learn this information find it highly informative and useful for several reasons:

        • Understanding the relationships between spinal, nervous system and soft tissue work gives you a far deeper educational understanding about this than other MT's.

        • Knowing how to consult with, examine, and provide treatments for referred clients or ones who also receive care from DC's, greatly enhances your competency and credibility which naturally leads to greater success.

          I've honestly never met a Massage Therapists who did not significantly benefit from learning the procedures and knowledge this course teaches you.

          Q: I presently practice in a chiropractic office and things seem to run pretty smoothly. How would this course help me?

          A: If you're completely satisfied with how things are going in your current setting and you feel like you have a strong command of spinal-neural-soft tissue relationships, and you confidently know how to consult, examine, and treat referred patients in ways that are integrated with the doctor's care, you may not need what this course teaches you.

          But my experience as an MT and DC and having owned and managed several clinics has shown that most MT's and DC's lack an integrated understanding of the spinal-soft tissue-nervous system care you each provide. And knowing how to treat and manage your clients' care most integratively benefits everyone.

          This course also gives you principles, procedures, and valuable communication scripts that allow your practice to flow more harmoniously with doctors, patients, and staff members. You'll be given proven strategies, policies, and forms that enrich all of your work relationships.

          You'll learn protocols and communications you can apply with doctors and patients that you most likely haven't been taught, to help you easily manage questions and problems that often arise.

          Q: Why would a doctor look for qualified integrative Massage Therapists in private practice to refer patients to?

          Six reasons why doctors refer patients to Massage Therapists in private practice:

          1. The doctor doesn't have Massage Therapists working in their office.

          2. Patients often require specialty massage such as oncology, pregnancy, or MLD to name a few, that may not be provided by the MT’s practicing in the doctor's clinic.

          3. Some patients prefer a less clinical or more serene private setting.

          4. Many patients want to avoid the higher cost that clinics typically charge for massage.

          5. Scheduling availability at a clinic may conflict with a patient's schedule.

          6. A patient may prefer seeing an MT practices in closer proximity to them.