How to Treat Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries: Webinar Class – Dates to be Announced.

How to Treat Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injuries: Webinar Class – Dates to be Announced.

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It's important to know how to treat whiplash and sprain-strain type injuries because these are among the most common complaints clients present to you with. 

You'll feel confident knowing how to manage common whiplash and soft tissue sprain-strain type injuries, making the care you provide for these clients more effective and reliable while enhancing their professional respect for your work.

This 6-hour approved CE class is now presented through a webinar so you can learn it through live instruction in the convenience and cost-savings of your own home.

The webinar presentation goes over the same course materials found in the online course, offered at a huge cost saving to you (webinar does not come with the 51-page manual). You will be shown hands-on demonstrations for safely and effectively treating clients during the three stages of recovery using MFR, PNF, Reciprocal Inhibition, Traction, and Strain Counter Strain techniques.

Here's an outline of what you learn in this course:


  • Common soft tissue (ST) injuries.

  • Which tissues are involved in ST injuries?

  • How do these injuries occur?

  • What exactly is a whiplash injury?

  • Important facts to know about whiplash injuries, specific symptoms victims encounter, and what the recovery process commonly entails.


  • Cellular mechanisms involved in ST injuries.

  • The three stages of ST injury repair.


  • The Three Stages of Recovery.

  • Which massage and other treatment approaches are safe to apply and which are contraindicated during each stage of recovery.

  • PT modalities commonly used to treat soft tissue injuries, so you will have a basic understanding of treatments being applied by Physical Therapists since many of these clients see both practitioners during their recovery process.