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Instantly access the live shoulder pain and impairment class ("Frozen Shoulder") in this recorded webinar.

Learn how to assess shoulder strains, intra-articular problems, and chronic holding patterns to provide safe and effective care.  

Hands-on demonstrations teach you orthopedic-based methods to confidently apply in your massage practice to treat these shoulder conditions.


"I've done a lot of virtual learning in the past, but not for massage; honestly, I had my doubts about the effectiveness of a Zoom class for massage CE.

Well, I'm glad I gave it a chance because it was nothing but useful! No cameras or microphones were required, so there were no distractions from that or other attendees. The material itself was so well organized and I found the pathology portion equally as captivating as the technique portion. After taking the class I not only have a few new ideas for working with frozen shoulder, but also feel much more confident to speak with clients and healthcare providers about these issues. I would absolutely take another class by Michael in this format."
~Staci Conrad 

The frozen shoulder assessment and treatment live webinar I just took from Michael Koplen taught me A LOT!!  

Michael not only knows a tremendous amount about anatomy and assessment and treatment protocols, he’s one of the finest teachers I’ve ever experienced and presents the information in a very clear way that's easy to learn and practical to apply. 

Because Michael is a long-time MT and a DC he gives you a higher level of understanding … he explains complicated things, such as osteoarthritis and how our work can help, in basic ways we can easily grasp. 

I highly recommend his classes. I promise you’ll be glad you learned the knowledge and skills this it offers!!
~Tom Pettengill, Orthopedic Massage Practitioner

Dr. Michael’s webinar class was top-notch in both content and functionality. He goes through the very important pathologies and differentials before getting into treatments whilst sprinkling in some great client management tips.

I have taken a lot of Ce classes both as an MT and as an EMT and this one rates up there at the top!

The technicalities of the webinar were smooth and easy to navigate, Zoom walks you through it. You don't even have to get dressed up for this class, and you can learn in the convenience of your own home without needing to drive or travel.

The experience was like being in a real classroom with both the instructor and the slides so clearly visible right in front of you. As someone who is not very tech-savvy and a bit bashful in front of a camera, it was very smooth and comfortable.  I used an HDMI cable and hooked up my big screen TV. I was able to move about and do some light chores without missing anything. My husband even watched at times and I think he learned something also. Maybe I can get him to do some work on me now :) 

For me, this was WAY better than a live class, and so much more economical. I highly recommend it!
~Lynn Sisk, Board Certified LMT 

This course was very informative through combining lecture and video. Thank you! 
~Alex C.

Michael was very knowledgeable and I was already thinking of patients who could use some of the manipulation techniques he taught. The material was very organized. Information very well communicated. Presentation was very good. Yes, I learned quite a bit more (or relearned in some cases). Gave me some good ideas for ways to do things better. 
~Diana R.